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Hello and welcome to my website.

I really love the sciences particularly those connected to astronomy like astrophysics, cosmology and quantum physics, although I am by no means an expert in any, just a very keen amateur. I think this is why I became an aero engineer as at the age of 17, this was about as close as I could get to the science based career.

My first experience of engineering was at Rolls Royce in Bristol England, where I served an apprenticeship as a mechanical and production engineer in the aeronautical industry manufacturing jet engines for the military, here I ejoyed working on such production projects as the Olympus 593 (Concorde power plant), RB199 (Tornado power plant) and Pegusus (Harrier power plant). I am now working as a Quality Engineer involved in the qualification of the cabin air systems for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, My role as Quality Engineer has given me the opportunity to engage in conformity of 787 components including authorized signing of 8130-9 and 8100-1 FAA forms for test articles and test setup. This is exciting because not only is the 787 a new concept in aeronautical travel, but my particular project is also introducing a new and unique way of providing air supply to aircraft travelers, offering a safer and more comfortable environment in which to travel. (update below)

Boeing 787 Dreamliner -8

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner interior

25 April 2009 update, 787 actuator development, conformity and qualification testing completed successfully, I am now moving onto the Sikorsky Blackhawk UH60, H92 and S92 programs for conformity, qualification and Quality Engineering of the main and tail rotor fright control systems.

15 Dec 2009 Have today seen the first flight of the new dreamliner, great experience.

Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk

Sikorsky Blackhawk UH 60

Sikorsky S92F (Civil Version of H92)

Sikorsky S92F

I have decided to put this web site together in order to promote the things in which I am interested and as a new way to invite prospective employers to take a look at who Nick Sarahs is. As time goes by I hope to add relevant features to this site that may be of scientific or engineering interest, and maybe items of more humor to inject a little fun and enjoyment.


Sikorsky CH53K

January 2011 Now working as Developement Quality Engineer for the latest project at Claverham. The flight control systems for the Sikorsky CH53K heavy lift aircraft.

The CH-53K is a general redesign with new engines and cockpit layout. The CH-53K will use General Electric GE38-1B engines rated at 7,500 shp (5,600 kW) each and will be able to fly 20 knots (23 mph, 37 km/h) faster than its CH-53E predecessor.

It will feature a new digital glass cockpit with fly-by-wire controls, a new elastomeric hub system, and rotor blades to improve "hot and high" performance. The CH-53K will also include an improved external cargo handling system, survivability enhancements, and improvements to extend service life. The cabin will be 30 ft (9.1 m) long by 9 ft (2.7 m) wide by 6.5 ft (2.0 m) tall. Its cabin will be 1 foot (25 cm) wider and 15% larger, but will have new shorter composite sponsons.

The CH-53K is to surpass the capability of the CH-53E by carrying nearly double the external payload of 27,000 lb (12,200 kg) over the same radius of 110 nmi (204 km).[26] The CH-53K's payload reaches a maximum of 35,000 lb (15,900 kg).[26] The CH-53K's maximum gross weight will be 84,700 lb (38,400 kg), which is increased over the CH-53E's 73,500 lb (33,300 kg). The CH-53K will keep approximately the same footprint as the CH-53E.


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